The School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was set up from the mergence of the former School of Architecture of Huazhong University of Technology and the former Wuhan College of Urban Construction in May 2000. The school consists of the following parts: departments of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Science, Design,New ArchitectureMagazine, branch library, modeling center, Green Architecture and Urban Experimental Teaching Center (Hubei Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center), Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Human Settlements Environment, and school-run Architectural Design Research Institute (grade A), Urban Planning and Design Institute (grade A) as a platform to combine learning, research and production.

The school has five first-level disciplines including Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Design and Art. There are two first-level doctoral programs in architecture and urban and rural planning, two second-level doctoral programs in engineering landscape and interior design, and two first-level postdoctoral research stations in architecture and urban and rural planning. There are eight master's degree training centers including academic degree and professional degree. The school offers five undergraduate majors: architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, environmental design, and digital media art. Currently, the school can award bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees in architecture and urban and rural planning. Bachelor's and master's degrees can be awarded in landscape architecture, design and art.