Art design is a new and comprehensive discipline in the specific gravity of art modeling and technology class. The arts design major in our school is professional technical based on architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, computer technology and other disciplines. The subjects include interior design, landscape design (landscape design mainly); New media art, digital city design, web design, animation design (new media art mainly). Emphasis on technology, wide discipline, thick foundation, reasonable teacher-student ratio structure, strict teaching style and learning style ensure the excellent quality of students and teaching quality of art design department.

①Architectural interior environmental art design:辛艺峰,白 舸,任康丽,宋晓东,李 珎,甘 伟;

②Urban landscape design:黄建军,王贞,尚磊,吕宁兴,傅方煜;

③Interior furnishing design:王天扬,秦凡,刘育徽,胡哲;

④Research on digital display design:蔡新元,侯云鹏,汪浩,李敏;

⑤Research on interactive multimedia technology:张健,王祖君,王朝霞,张露,华宁;

⑥Art creation:冷先平,李梅,徐国燕,匡小荣,吴晓中,刘昕。