In recent years, the urban planning discipline team of our school has been expanding rapidly and the teachers comes from diversified sources. Now, we have formed a stable discipline direction and team led by the professor and director, which is in an advantageous position in the construction planning colleges in China (especially in the central region). Specific subjects include: regional development and planning, urban planning and design, community development and housing construction planning, urban development history and heritage protection planning and urban planning management.

①Regional development and planning:黄亚平,彭 翀,刘合林,曾 文王宝强;

②Urban planning and design:洪亮平,丁建民,任绍斌,郭 亮,李 蓉;

③Rural planning and design:耿 虹,朱 霞,赵丽元,王智勇;

④Community development and housing planning:万艳华,潘 宜贺 慧,罗 吉;

⑤Urban development history and heritage conservation planning:何 依,陈征帆,刘晓晖,贾艳飞,邓 巍;

⑥Urban and rural management:陈锦富,周均清,赵守谅,刘法堂。