The School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science has been to create high levels faculty as the key to improve the quality of talent training, vigorously implement the strategy of "talent makes the university". Adhering to the team construction policy of "import, training, stability, improvement”, our school has gradually gained a faculty with continuous structure optimization, steadily improved quality, high-level talent, comprehensive specialty, vigor and vitality.

Our school has brought together and trained a large number of high-level talents, led by senior professors, represented by young and middle-aged cadres, such as the candidates of Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan and New Century Outstanding Talents proposed by the Ministry of Education. Currently, there are 112 teachers at the academy, including 22 professors, 46 associate professors, 42 professors, 42 instructors and two teaching assistants. In accordance with the discipline direction, a team of green architecture, urban and rural settlements and traditional dwellings, architectural culture and heritage protection, urban design and theory, architectural climate regulation technology, architectural system engineering, regional and urban development, sustainable urban planning and design, historical and cultural heritage protection, urban planning public policy and rural development and planning is formed. Among them, there is an expert of special allowance granted by the state council, a scholar of the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan, a scholar of Enterprise Thousand Talents Plan, a candidate of New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan, two scholars of Central China Chenxing, and one who wins HUST Academic Newcomer Award. There are 51 teachers with doctoral degrees, including 9 overseas, accounting for 45.5% of all teachers.

In addition, our school has been insisting on open education over the years, and has established an off-campus expert team of nearly 100 part-time professors, visiting professors and off-campus tutors, mainly composed of well-known domestic and foreign scholars and experts from well-known design institutes. Among them, there are 34 part-time professors, 4 visiting professors and 55 off-campus tutors, most of whom have education background of famous universities in China or abroad. Meanwhile, they have rich engineering practice and management experience, which further improve the academic reputation and talent training level of our school.