At present, the department has formed a complete training system covering undergraduate, master and doctor degree. Based on the planning and design of landscape architecture, the department has established four research directions: landscape architecture and landscape design, historical theory and heritage protection of landscape architecture, land landscape planning and ecological restoration, and engineering landscape research.

landscape planning and design, urban design, engineering, landscape design are especially unique.

①Landscape planning and design: 万敏,熊和平,赵纪军,董贺轩,王通

②Landscape planning and ecological restoration: 戴菲,李景奇,熊和平,殷利华

③The historical theory of landscape architecture and the protection of heritage: 赵纪军,李景奇

④Green base facilities:戴菲,王通,殷利华

⑤The design of urban landscape: 董贺轩,万敏